Grand Theft Auto 3

“Grand theft auto 3” is a computer game. In “gta3” you can do almost anything. You can go on missions to catch mafias’ and gangs’ bosses or just drive a car or walk around Liberty City. You can also organise taxi, viligiante or paramedic missions. You must enter a police car and press “Caps Lock” to start a viligiante mission. In viligiante missions you have to kill robbers. They are in cars, so you must destroy their cars by crashing, or by shooting them from a car with an uzi. In the game there are many weapons. You can attack people with a baseball bat, AK-47, or a sniper rifle. In gta3 there are over 20 cars with other statistics. All cars have their own max speed, weight, armour, and other features. You can destroy your car with a machine gun, by crashing and many other things. The graphics in “gta3” are very good. You can see and destroy almost anything. “Gta3” has very good sound and music too. There are over 3,5 hours of very good quality music. There is good sound too. All cars and people have their distinct sounds. Similarly, each character behaves in a specific way. For example: some people will run and some will fight with you, when they hear shots. In “gta3” there are 6 wanted levels. When you kill people or destroy cars they will want to bust or kill you. At level 1 police will only bust you, but at level 2 police is allowed to use weapons. If you want a higher level you will meet better policemen. For example: at level 4 SWAT will try to kill you. SWAT has heavy armoured trucks. SWAT men have shotguns and they are very dangerous. In “gta3” there are 3 sectors: Portland - industry sector, Staunton Island – commercial sector and Shoreshide Vale – residential sector. There are many ways to get to another sector: bridges, subway and boats. But you must go on some missions before you are able to get to another sector. In “gta3” there are 50 obligatory missions and 50 missions you can, but do not have to do. Some missions are easy, but some are very hard. In most missions you must think, because they will be easy when you find a method to do them. After several missions you will be hated. The gangs whose men you killed will attack you in a street. In “gta3” you can also make your own cars and skins. I think gta3 is the best computer game that I have played.

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