Disney offshoot to plant a tree for every ticket sold for Earth


Disneynature pledges to plant trees in the Brazilian Atlantic forest to mark release of feature-length remix of the landmark Planet Earth television documentary series



A hit means a forest, while a flop will result in a small copse. Once upon a time, Hollywood studios gauged the success of a film through till receipts. In the case of the eco documentary Earth, the industry will be measuring it in trees.

Disneynature, an offshoot of the Walt Disney Company, has vowed to plant a new tree for every moviegoer who buys a ticket to see Earth in its opening week. The picture goes on release in the US on Earth Day, 22 April.

The trees will all be planted in Brazil's Mata Atlântica (Atlantic forest), identified by conservationists as the most endangered rainforest in the world. Studies have reported that only 7% of the original forest now remains.

"Earth is a spectacular film from the world's most acclaimed nature film-makers, and we couldn't think of a better way to launch the new Disneynature banner, and to celebrate the spirit of the film and Earth Day at the same time," said Dick Cook, chairman of the Walt Disney Studios.

Jean-François Camilleri, executive vice-president and general manger of Disneynature, was still more effusive. "The public is looking for films like Earth that are entertaining, educational, show nature's beauty and are environmentally conscious," he announced. "What better way to celebrate the opening of this epic film than by planting trees on behalf of our moviegoers?"

Directed by Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, Earth is a feature-length spin-off from the BBC TV series Planet Earth and charts the migration of three animal families, with voiceover by James Earl Jones. The film was released in the UK, with narration by Patrick Stewart, last year and won strong reviews from the critics. The Observer's Philip French hailed it as "a visually dazzling, admonitory portrait of a year on our globe from pole to pole, patiently filmed by 30 cameramen for the BBC archive".

acclaimed - okrzyknięty, uznany

admonitory - ostrzegawczy

copse - gaj, zagajnik

dazzling - olśniewający

effusive - wylewny

flop - klapa

gauge - mierzyć, oceniać

hail - tu: entuzjastycznie przyjmować (o krytykach)

offshoot - odgałęzienie

pledge - przyrzekać, zobowiązywać się

spin-off - produkt uboczny; skutek uboczny

till - kasa sklepowa

voiceover - głos lektora zza kadru

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