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Taking out the rubbish isn’t our favourite almost daily routine. We empty our trashes from rubbish everyday. There’re, recycling paper, plastic containers, scrap or garbage. People want to get rid of them quickly and they leave them everywhere. However, some of them don’t think that they can recycle them. This way we’ll secure our environment and decrease number of chopping trees – demand for paper is really big. Thanks to forests we’ve got some air to breath.
What should we do to prevent the ecological catastrophe which can happen if we won’t stop littering environment? – people ask. Some of them feel resigned and helpless in face of that. But there is one the most effective way It’s:

Proper waste’s selection!

So, let’s start!
1. Recycling paper- unnecessary newspapers, magazines, paper and sometimes books are destroyed and thrown away. However, there’s better way. We can collect them and than recycle it.
2. Plastic containers (squashed) are components of similar boxes, packaging and also new building materials.
3. We can use garbage like fertilizer. This is good solution for people that have allotments. Just dig up a pit and put compost into it.
4. Scrap– is rich source of income, recyclable material and money.
On estates there are some special trashes for recycling paper, glass, scrap and plastic containers. It delights but even that most of us don’t use them. I hope that young people’s attitude will prevent the ecological catastrophe.
Early start makes easy stages.
I hope that after reading this article some people will understand what can happen in a next few dozen years and that we can change it, because
We didn’t inherit Earth from our ancestors, but we borrowed it from future generations.

K@tia Makarowska
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K@tia Makarowska

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